!! OMG, how drama: Florida Mayor and Drag Queen Domestic !!

Julian Mullis (top left), mayor of Mulberry Florida, and his drag queen roommate, Eugene Ornelas, got into a violent domestic last week. Police had to be called after Ornelas came home with another man at 5AM. Mullis lives in the house with his two children. The mayor says that Ornelas is just a roommate, but Ornelas’ Twitter page says otherwise:

Ornelas’ Twitter account parallels his life as a male Donna Reed: “watching the kids, cleaning the kitchen” as he “waits for Julian to return home from work.” He also appealed to his friends and followers to watch his audition tape and vote for him on the casting page for Rupaul’s Drag Race, where you can see him in drag as his character Chyna. He has also performed in drag at local nightclubs.

I can never hear the name Donna Reed anymore without thinking of the old perv from Family Guy singing a love song about Chris.

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2 Comments on "OMG, how drama: Florida Mayor and Drag Queen Domestic"

  1. i feel bad for them. obviously a domestic dispute isn’t cool, especially w/ kids involved; but because they’re human and because they’re gay i feel bad about their reputations taking a tarnishing. hopefully they learn something, but it isn’t black and white. he could be a shitty mayor, abusive, a furry nazi sympathizer. then yeah, ok?.. idk, i’ve never been to Mulberry. have you?

  2. Too funny…but wierd at the same time.

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