!! OMG, how exclusive: Condé Nast Gay Club !!

I guess you never do leave prep school after all. It turns out a select group of gays, calling themselves “The Majority”, within the Condé Nast offices sits and dishes on a regular basis about the comings and goings of the fashion world. It’s so exclusive that even Anna Wintour herself can’t get in on the fun. Read all the criteria of what it takes to be an “A-Gay” (snicker) with one of the members of The Majority HERE.

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5 Comments on "OMG, how exclusive: Condé Nast Gay Club"

  1. OMFBJ i just wased 5 mins of my life ill never get back ugh…if the guys on the pics are them they dont dress that well the one on the left side has a gut 1 in the middle looks liek he has rolls all over the stomach and the 1 on the right looks liek a spy This gays are so stupid…bunch of DORKS! I agree with tamerlano

  2. UGH, what a waste of skin and bones…who cares?

  3. vaj-ority, if you ask me.

  4. Dorks.

  5. Reading the interview, coupled with watching the first episode of “NYC Prep”, make me feel a little queasy and a little glad that I’m on the opposite coast.

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