!! OMG, how fierce: Ovahness Vogueing Ball !!

James St. James checked out the Ovahness Ball in L.A. Check him out interviewing all the hot young things giving face!

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3 Comments on "OMG, how fierce: Ovahness Vogueing Ball"

  1. WoW!!! That James sure was a drunk ass mess. She couldn’t pronounce names or words to save her soul. How very sad to see an icon tumple down to a has been. Can someone say “rehab”? What a tore up mess; truely a sad display.

  2. OMG…James St James is all over the blogs this AM. Thanks OMGBLOG

  3. Is James St. James TRYING to sound like he’s had a stroke? It’s like watching Uncle Fester slur at people.

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