!! OMG, how fraternal: Teenager posts sister’s blowjob list on facebook !!

F*ck I’m glad I there was no Facebook when I was in high school. If I was mad at my sister I just threw things at her. And everything worked out great!
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2 Comments on "OMG, how fraternal: Teenager posts sister’s blowjob list on facebook"

  1. Wow..It would have been better if the lil’ bro found pictures of his sister giving a blowjob! Ouch! That would be a total revenge indeed!

  2. My effing sister did this to me with my parents. I hid my diary SO well and she STILL found it! I had listed all the boys I wanted to blow…since I’m a guy myself, being found out was very stressful. So after she hinted that she had my diary I waited for her to leave the house and then I ransacked her room and found it in a shoe box in the back of her closet. I took that thing to the river, blacked out my name with a sharpie, put it in a ziplock baggy and threw it in the rapids. I imagined that someone would find it and know that there was a boy who had feelings for other boys and they would never know it was me..my secret was SORT of out. evil sisters.

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