!! OMG, how hip-hop: Karl Rove !!

If you’ve ever wondered what Republican political gatherings are like, this video shows that they are pretty much what you would expect, but with one important addition: Karl Rove rapping and throwing out some sweet dance moves. (via Planet Homo)

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3 Comments on "OMG, how hip-hop: Karl Rove"

  1. Karma will get these folks. Rove is rappin. Condi is shopping. Bush is treadmilling. Thousands die. It’s all gonna come home to roost.

  2. not karl rove…no no no
    not this…….are we being punished?
    jack jett

  3. It’s funny how the Republicans are so quick to use Hip Hop/Rap for fun, but when it comes to real black issues they turn there nose up (aka Katrina).
    I really hate seeing things like this but it makes such a joke out of democracy. It’s not even about government anymore, it’s about who makes the most money and fucks over the most people. Fuck Bush and government.
    Done ranting. Bring on the OMG nudes. Hey! Where’s the Daniel Craig Nude pics floating around at?

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