!! OMG, how homo-erotic: Sherlock Homos !!

Apparently Jude Law is all for gaying up the Sherlock Holmes franchise by imbuing some “homo-erotic overtones” and “bare-knuckle fighting” into Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of the classic sleuth stories. Law will play Dr. Watson opposite Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes. I wonder if RDJ is aware of how gay Jude wants to play it?

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2 Comments on "OMG, how homo-erotic: Sherlock Homos"

  1. LOL. Don’t act like RDJ is going to have a problem with this.
    I saw a shot of the bare knuckle scene w/ RDJ in it, so obviously he is well aware of it.
    Why can’t there be a Director’s Cut where they go a bit further? I would SO buy that.

  2. Robert has plenty of experience on this front!

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