!! OMG how honest: Craigslist personal ad !!

This little treat of a woman has decided to be upfront about who she really is. It appears as though she’s given up on personal hygiene and pride and wants you to know about it.
Here’s a tiny excerpt:

-I used to use my ex roomates vibrator.
-I had head lice for seven years and did nothing about it.
-When i floss my teeth or pop zits, ill smell what came out.

Read the rest HERE.

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6 Comments on "OMG how honest: Craigslist personal ad"

  1. Two things she forgot to add to the list
    1. I can’t fucking spell

  2. That was rather repulsive.
    I wonder if anyone replied? Aha.

  3. I highly doubt this woman is real, but she is hilarious!
    I think a lot of people would be disgusted with someone like this, but I think it’s a smart idea to tell someone all your bad traits so you don’t have to wait 6 months to find them out. I mean, who doesn’t smell their own farts?

  4. Thank god I’m gay!

  5. Danny The Tranny | January 15, 2008 at 10:44 am | Reply

    This is the most vile, disgusting thing I have read. NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!

  6. she needs to do something! and QUICK! it should be illegal to share THAT much information….
    PS I’ve lost my appetite….i WAS gonna have a cheeseburger for lunch….=/

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