!! OMG, how interesting: the inspirations for Madonna’s new album !!

So according to her manager’s Twitter feed, Madonna entered the recording studio on Monday to begin work on the follow-up to Hard Candy and rumors surrounding the producers and songwriters involved are already inundating our social media feeds. Like, she’s only been in the studio for two days and I’m already totally f*cking bored with this album.
Anyway, the most scintillating tidbit to surface over the past 48 hours or so is that many of Madonna’s reported inspirations are our favorite bands. So that is promising. According to the Mo fansite Queen Madonna, an anonymous source has claimed “the musical inspirations for this album include Jessica 6 (pictured), Beth Ditto and The Sound Of Arrows.”
Interesting… could news of a duet with Antony be far behind? Or perhaps a music video paying homage to Beth Ditto’s homage to “Justify My Love”?
Basically the gist of the coverage is that Madonna is working with up-and-coming producers so she can be perceived as a tastemaker just like back in the day when she worked with Björk and messed up her lyrics.
We’d much prefer it if Beth Ditto cut a solo LP or The Sound Of Arrows finally released an album, but if a giant pop star absolutely has to cop someone else’s style (is there no other way?) she could do worse. And incidentally, if The Sound Of Arrows don’t release an LP soon, perhaps Madonna will scoop them on their own fairy-dusted sound?
(via Digital Spy)

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2 Comments on "OMG, how interesting: the inspirations for Madonna’s new album"

  1. I still love Madonna. Any artist that is as successful as she is and has not turned into her own cover best band, but continues to make new music is aces in my book.
    So suck it!

  2. The Sound of Arrows say their album is dropping in August (on Twitter).

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