!! OMG, how joyous: No More Crocs !!

The day we’ve all waited for has finally come, Crocs are going belly-up:

So people are already lining up to dance on the limp, not-yet-cold corpse of the once mighty Croc. The shoe that, for a time, strode around the world is dying on its feet, with the Colorado-based company losing $185m and cutting 2,000 jobs.

Is it wrong that now I kind of want a pair?

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5 Comments on "OMG, how joyous: No More Crocs"

  1. Uhh, yoo hoo!
    The owner of Crocs is a rabid right wing war mongering, family values homophobe,squared
    It’s time to celebrate!
    Apparently Mr. Crocs…. didn’t budget well nor function within his means as the parrots in the GOP screamed from roof tops against those who they blamed for “oops, no it’s not a great economy” prior to the bailouts bonanza at our expense.

  2. Is it wrong to be cheering the demise of an American company while at the same time having ads on your blog page from said company?

  3. Sure, they might not be good-looking, but some of our best friends aren’t good-looking. What counts is Crocs were exceedingly comfortable and a real help to nurses and waiters and anyone else who stands and walks a lot. Plus, they are much healthier for feet than thongs/flip-flops.

  4. brain damge for you i wish.

  5. Yes it is wrong. Those things are butt-ugly!

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