!! OMG, how Kylie: J-Lo’s new video !!

Jennifer Lopez is getting all disco with her new single “Hold It, Don’t Drop It.” Both the song and the video remind of Kylie Minogue, except less cool without the awesome designer outfits. However, you do have to give her credit for making this video while pregnant! (via Popbytes)

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7 Comments on "OMG, how Kylie: J-Lo’s new video"

  1. the song is great but i agree i don’t like the silver lipstick.and tj your are such a damn loser, you would’nt know talent if it slept in your bed last night, and woke up and cooked you breakfast.j.lo is an extroadinary actress and a good performer you asshole.

  2. I love J Lo, a lot energy and looking fierce

  3. Yawn, could not get through the video.

  4. pregnancy suits miss lopez… she’s finaly getting some chichis to match those massive buttocks of hers… but what a losy trick from her make-up bitch,… she’s not that well surrounded anymore if nobody’s there to pull on the emergency brake… tss tss…

  5. What exactly are we supposed to hold and not drop? Her career as a singer/actress/designer? She is a modern day Charo, without the musical talent.
    Agreed – the lipstick looks like hell.
    Go away J-Lo..have your babies and get out of the public eye, you no talent skank!

  6. OMG wait. This is better.

  7. The gold lipstick makes her look like Dave Chapelle.

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