!! OMG, How LOL: Horrifying Murder! !!

This news anchor can’t stop laughing at the news that some man has chopped up his wife up into little pieces. Ha ha ha! Well, you’ll understand when you see his mug shot. (Actually, it’s still not that funny? Maybe she’s stoned.)
Good morning!

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6 Comments on "OMG, How LOL: Horrifying Murder!"

  1. I don’t think it’s good enough to say she was laughing at the mugshot. It’s her job to be professional on camera. That includes not laughing at a story where the mother of two young children was brutally murdered. We all make mistakes, but she should apologize and not justify it based on the wacky mug shot.

  2. That lady Hema Muller, she is a new anchor for my city now, they interviewed her about why it happened, she was laughing because the mug shot of the man had him bug eyed and it startled her and the camera and production began to laugh at her which then she began to laugh aswell, so it’s not the story she’s laughing at, it’s her reaction to the photo

  3. Yeah she is now a news achor in El Paso. I personally think she does a great job anchoring here for our local 9pm news. She was also on a local radio show a few months back and they discussed this incident she had. She stated that she didn’t laugh at the case or murder, but rather at the quick mugshot of the guy. His look/expression is what made her laugh.

  4. I know her! It was from like Midland or Odessa, TX (hence why it is low budget looking) Imagine being in a studio and seeing that ridiculous mug shot on a huge screen. Everyone in the studio is cracking up and you have to keep it together. She is still working (now in a bigger city) and is quite smart. She laughs about it now.

  5. Nick, this was just a couple of years ago. I live near the house where it happened. I went there for the estate sale after he was put in jail. Really creepy if you ask me. Even the house gave off weird vibes while I was there.

  6. Good lord what year is this from? It looks like about 1989 the footage quality and fashions (but then, from my perspective, it seems be to be 1989 everywhere in America that is not on a coast.)

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