!! OMG, how mean: Jimmy Kimmel’s holiday YouTube challenge !!

The last time Jimmy Kimmel asked viewers to lie to their kids and film it as a submission to his YouTube challenge it was funny. He instructed the parents to tell their children they’d eaten all the kiddies’ precious Halloween candy… which leads to a lot of “Wait, what?” (The best reaction was by far from this little guy.) But for the holidays, Kimmel asked submitters to give their children crappy early Christmas presents… which actually just seems cruel to me. The parents didn’t really eat all the candy, but they did really give terrible gifts. And as a former kid and a gift-lover, I don’t find that funny.

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3 Comments on "OMG, how mean: Jimmy Kimmel’s holiday YouTube challenge"

  1. That was hilarious. Those brats!

  2. I think this one is much funnier than the last one. It’s not like the parents are saying this is the only gift you are getting. It’s just one bad gift. Just shows how spoiled and entitled the kids are to have such violent reactions.

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