!! OMG, how mortifying: Athletic Gender Test !!

18-year-old Caster Semenya from South Africa is being subjected to “gender testing” after winning gold at the African Junior Championships and another gold this week in Berlin. Nick Davies from the International Association of Athletics Federations had this to say about the tests after gossip concerning the runner’s gender began to go around:

Davies described the tests necessary to determine the gender of an athlete as “an extremely complex procedure” involving medics, scientists, gynaecologists and psychologists, the outcome of which is not expected for several weeks. “The situation today is that we do not have any conclusive evidence that she should not be allowed to run,” he said.

“It would be wrong today to take a decision to withdraw an athlete. This is a medical condition. It is nothing that she has done. There is a need to make sure rules are followed. We are more concerned for the person and not to make this as something that is humiliating.”

Ummmm….too late! Poor Caster! What an awful thing to go through…even Lady Gaga didn’t have to get tests done.

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4 Comments on "OMG, how mortifying: Athletic Gender Test"

  1. MeowzerM, I’ve seen lots of gay guys who totally look like girls (even some straight ones) & I’m sure you’ve seen some too. To base a judgement on ONE picture of the girl, is not very smart. Of course, the media is going to use the pics in which she looks most like a male. I’m from South Africa & her story has been front page news here. She doesn’t look like a man in all her pics. Besides, she is an athlete who has been running since she was a little girl. It’s only natural that her body won’t look like the “average” female body. As for her transitioning, she is only 18 years old & comes from a poor family. The chances that she is transitioning is very low.

  2. A science enthusiast | August 21, 2009 at 1:43 am | Reply

    The human embryo/fetus is by default female in form — in males hormones such as testosterone modify the form into standard male configuration.
    One of the known conditions that causes a genetic male to have female form occurs when a gene flaw causes the male tissues not to respond to the male hormones. Standard male form changes don’t happen: testicles don’t descend outside the body cavity, the penis does not move outside the body, etc. This condition was only discovered in the late 20th century when some infertile females had extensive testing to figure out why they couldn’t conceive–genetic tests revealed male genes and that pointed doctors to look for the reason the genetic males had female form. Think about it–if most doctors and families saw an “opening” and no descended penis and/or testicles, almost all would treat the child as female. That is just one condition that might cause a genetic male to appear in female form.
    It is probably very, very difficult for all involved when such conditions are diagnosed. I hope the athlete is okay with whatever the results are…life is hard enough without having to so directly address gender identify when you weren’t even planning to.
    Peace be with us all.

  3. Ever seen a female bodybuilder MeowzerM? Trust me, this Caster person is actually sugar and spice compared to them.

  4. Ummmm…… I’m no expert, but just by looking at the photo I think it’s obvious she’s a he. No breasts, very masculine. Now, if he’s going through some sort of transitioning, that’s one thing. But to be purpously deceiving, that’s another thing.

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