!! OMG, how old: The Backstreet Boys !!

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No one told me that Backstreet Boys got back together! Here they are at an appearance at Virgin Megastore promoting their new album, and wow do they look old. It used to be that only the guy all the way to the left was the old one. Now they’re all the old ones, even formerly-fresh-faced Nick Carter. What does that make me? Sigh.

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3 Comments on "OMG, how old: The Backstreet Boys"

  1. They look old??? I don’t think so. I think they look pretty much the same. We all age (if we’re lucky). I think they look damn good. How do YOU look?

  2. Their new cd is actually really good, though!

  3. One of them look like Borat (alig). lol.

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