!! OMG, how popular: Ja’mie King !!

Chris Lilley‘s documentary-style comedy series We Can Be Heroes follows the lives of five characters (all played by Lilley) who are nominated for the “Australian of the Year” award. Ja’mie King is the popular high school bitch with a heart of gold. (Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip!)

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4 Comments on "OMG, how popular: Ja’mie King"

  1. NEWSFLASH! I have just read that HBO will be screening ‘Summer Heights High’ mid-year.

  2. Oh and if you get a chance to check out Summer Heights High which features Mr G the Drama teacher, be sure to find a copy of Mr G’s single “Naughty Girl” he is a crack up

  3. This is so Funny… go to http://www.abc.net.au and look up Summer Heights High, Ja’mie ends up going to a public school on an exhange trip…. so funny!

  4. I have this on DVD as living in London all my Oz friends were telling me about it. Its fantastic!!! He did a series before which was “we can be heroes” which is probably not aimed as much to an international audience but it was just as great. Ja’mie was also in that one LOL

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