!! OMG, dumb dumb: Sherri Shepherd !!

Actress/comedienne Sherri Shepherd is the newest co-host of The View and she is already contributing her valuable opinions to the discussion. When asked if she thinks the world is flat, she responds, “I don’t know. I never thought about it.”
Finally Elisabeth Hasselbeck has someone she can talk to on her level.
(Thanks to Lola for the tip!)

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5 Comments on "OMG, dumb dumb: Sherri Shepherd"

  1. What more can you expect?Continuous contact with Elizabitch lowers your IQ little by little.Please God,let her go on maternity leave and NOT return to the show.

  2. I tell ya, I’m buying Barry’s new CD JUST because he refused to be on THE VIEW.
    I’m sick of Elizabitch and while I used to think Sherri Shepherd was funny, after her quoting scripture and denying evolution and that thing about the world being round, well, that bitch is dumb. No wonder her husband left her.

  3. This dumb black cunt doesn’t believe in Evolution when she looks like the missing link.

  4. I’m all for open debate, but are they REALLY presenting this as a serious discussion? I can accept that some people’s beliefs prevent them from believing in evolution, but come on now. A flat earth?

  5. Speaking of that right wing nut job E Hasselbeck, how much does Barry Manilow rule for refusing to appear on The View because of her? You go, Barry!

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