!! OMG, how ridiculous: Eurovision Entries !!

Some of this year’s Eurovision entries were beyond words. Like Inga & Anush from Armenia, above, whose video combines traditional Armenian costume and tradition with glowstick instruments and electro-dance music. It’s a stunning combination.
See a Czech Superhero Rapping Gypsy and an Old Man Baby Face in a Catsuit after the jump.
Full list of silly entries HERE.

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3 Comments on "OMG, how ridiculous: Eurovision Entries"

  1. well
    som of the entries really stunk but some others rockes
    my personla favvorite was
    from ROMANIA
    they were AMAZING!

  2. The Eurovision is an artistic expression through music and dance. While some contestants might think the contestant is about prostitution commercialization i.e. Ukraina.
    this is a great example of cultural expression though song, dance and fashion. I.m.o. quite liberal, and diplomatic, promoting tolerance.
    This year the Russian government might not have understood that as it arrested gay demonstrators on the same day as the ESC, apparently that day is gay pride in Moscow, funny thing is the anti gay where allowed to have they’re shindig. with police escort i might add.
    ESC is a celebration of homosexuality, just look at the songs 😛 …. and ps: shhhh don’t tell the hard right liners about that little secret.

  3. U failed to mention there were some very good entries, too.
    What did you not like about Belarus anyways ?

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