!! OMG, how romantic: Art !!

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Yesterday at Dufferin Mall I ran across this painting of two people in love enjoying some champagne and strawberries by a roaring fire. The plaque, in case you can’t read it in my shitty cell phone photo, reads “To Us.” It made my day.

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4 Comments on "OMG, how romantic: Art"

  1. OMG! I know that piece. My mother was thinking of buying it online. It’s alright, but some of the artist’s other work is questionably titled. Check the one set in a cornfield.

  2. there is nothing wrong with the dufferin mall. you can get cheap extensions at marca college, find some storage “Solutions” and get brand-name fashions at department store prices, or department store fashions at department store prices, for that matter.
    there is also a turkey/stuffing thanksgiving restaurant in the food court.

  3. Ummm Frank … can we just discuss for a moment the fact you were at the Dufferin Mall!??!?!

  4. It should be noted that below this amazing and affordable framed print, there is a beautiful giglee print of a still-life painting featuring a glass of champagne and various tropical fruits.
    i made a mental-note that these two peices would look great together in my home while purchasing a Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwich this morning.

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