!! OMG, how rude: Soap Actress Won’t Go Gay For Pay !!

Apparently, Patricia Mauceri, who plays Carlotta Vega on One Life to Live refused to let the writers make her into a gay rights advocate in a storyline on the show. Mauceri was fired because she “objected to Carlotta’s positive attitude about homosexuality, saying it conflicted with her personal beliefs”. I hope her personal beliefs don’t prevent her from going to a food bank, cause bitch might starve now since they’ve already recast the role with Saundra Santiago. Who works on a soap opera and hates gays? I mean really!

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6 Comments on "OMG, how rude: Soap Actress Won’t Go Gay For Pay"

  1. Don’t believe everything you read. She objected to her character being accepting of her (not) gay son who her character thought was gay, given the character’s ultraconservative history on the show. Mauceri herself was in the 1997 gay film “I Think I Do” so we know she does gay for pay, just not on the OLTL storyline’s context.
    The head of ABC Daytime wanted her out and replaced with a younger actress, so she was set up for some Chris Engen-style buzz, plain and simple, and it worked.

  2. What nerve! Actors on soap operas, a genre in which fornication and adultery have been the chief plot points for 40 years, can only be laughed at when they try to pass off their bigotry as morality.

  3. Since when does not wanting to be a participant in the total lesbianization of women in media, make you a gay-hater?
    Good for her. And I still do other boys.

  4. You know what? At least she was honest. Even though i believe an actress should be able to take on many different roles, as a gay man myself i would feel very angry if an obvious gay hater was acting like a pro-gay activist just for money.

  5. What makes it even crazier is the rumour is that Mauceri’s involvement could not possibly have been for more than a scene or two, given that her character is recurring and has been reduced to serving coffee. Accordingly Carlotta mistakenly thinks her own son Cristian might be gay and is proactive in helping him accept it. Good Grief! Carlotta has been witness to multiple marriages of her offspring among other things, like a crime lord sibling–none of which are acceptable to Mauceri’s Church

  6. So, yet again you condemn someone for standing up for a personal belief…why is it that ‘special interest groups’ always demand acceptance but are never willing to accept? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Why condemn a personality and their views simply because they are different than yours…hmmm? Can you say ‘pot/kettle’?
    Grow up.

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