!! OMG, how soothing: Erykah Badu’s interpretive dance moves !!

The big highlight of this year’s Coachella Festival was easily an impromptu backstage fan meet-and-greet with Erykah Badu following her Record Store Day autograph signing at the Zia Records tent. Under the watchful eyes of the creepy-ass security cameras hovering ominously in the palm trees, we all listened as Ms. Badu explained how she recently hired a back-up singer off Twitter, dished out chakra-based relationship advice and reenacted a scene from the classic 1975 film Coolie High.
Anyway, just thought I’d brag about that a bit before we segue into the beautiful new music video for “Out My Mind, Just In Time Movement One”, the first part of the epic closer to her New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh album. This week began with an overblown award show performance so what better way to end it than with a little grace, simplicity and interpretive dance…

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