!! OMG, how sour: Sweet XX !!

British pop trio (pictured when a quartet) Sweet XX might appear to be just your average group of out-of-work middle-aged moms bumping and grinding like the Pussycat Dolls, but what makes them special is the nasty sentiment behind their first single “Boyfriend,” which chronicles their ongoing struggle with trying to date men who turn out to be gay. Some sample lyrics:

“He’s a disco dancing, twirling, prancing, heartbreaking, bodyshaking friend of Dorothy. / He’s got some great style, fashion queen. / He’s a little honey / who don’t put down any money / cause you’ll lose your deposit / since he came out the closet.”

Not funny, ladies. (Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip!)
BONUS: For an extra horrifying bonus photo, peek after the jump if you dare!


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5 Comments on "OMG, how sour: Sweet XX"

  1. Looks like they’re playing some swanky venues…

  2. The band members are actually in their early 20s. That’s not what I’d call “middle aged moms”. and while they do look older in the pictures you’ve chosen to post, there are (slightly) better ones on their MySpace.
    I don’t find the song (or them) particularly appealing, but I don’t think the song is particularly offensive or “nasty” either.

  3. They got half of that first line from Clueless when someone was trying to tell Alicia Silverstone that the guy she was interested in was gay by saying “He’s a disco dancing, Oscar Wilde reading, Streisand ticket holding friend of Dorothy.” They just switched out the middle stuff.

  4. That just screams Menopause!!

  5. Just curious, the post says trio……….I count four in the pics……..?

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