!! OMG, how sparkly: Liberace Box Set !!

Here’s a clip from Liberace’s 3 DVD box set that was released last September.
Do you really need a box set? Doesn’t one clip kind of sum it all up?

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3 Comments on "OMG, how sparkly: Liberace Box Set"

  1. Here’s a Las Vegas travel tip.. if you are EVER there.. book your flight later if you have to but take a taxi to the Liberace Museum. AMAZING. It’s in a strip-mall, has a bunch of his cars, his 400lb costumes, a cafe.. totally the highlight of Vegas.

  2. “How about the ladys doin’ it all by themselves” … Yeah, I guess so with him.. ;)))
    In the truest sense: a gem of a video! Itdoes remind me of (Sir) Elton Johns visit in the Muppet Show, though… ;)))

  3. I’m surprised Miss Thing didn’t knock down her candelabra and found herself engulfed in flames.

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