!! OMG, How Star-studded: Mary (1978) !!

I bet you didn’t know that Mary Tyler Moore used to have a variety show costarring David Letterman, Swoozie Kurtz an Michael Keaton! No shit! And as you can tell from the open, hilarity ensued! (For three weeks until it was cancelled at least.)
I know it’s a little after the fact but can we start a letter-writing campaign to get this back in the air ASAP?

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2 Comments on "OMG, How Star-studded: Mary (1978)"

  1. I think it was a summer replacement series. There were only a few episodes, but nobody watched it. I think I saw the first one. It was pretty terrible.

  2. Unfortunately for Mary, the rehearsals looked like more fun than the program. And what’s with that dowdy outfit?

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