!! OMG, how sublime: Star spangled Mariah !!

There is not a trace of Whitney (it’s coming, I promise) to be found in Mariah Carey’s 2002 Superbowl performance of our national anthem. She makes it her own, and I’m sure it’s never been happier, especially when she takes “free” into the stratosphere.

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11 Comments on "OMG, how sublime: Star spangled Mariah"

  1. Can’t stand the b…. She is so utterly fake. Trash really. Sorry.

  2. A few things about this, and some of your comments… First of all, this is simply the best. I find whitneys to be quite manic, this was pure and true. However it was lipsynced, as is every performance of the SSB at the super bowl. it is required. And lastly Madonna is not a has been, she is a legend in her own right lets give respect where it belongs. Madonna is also not the biggest selling artist in history…that would be Barbara. followed by madonna followed by mariah followed by celine. Further more Mariah will squash madonna and janet and all else who stand in her way this year with her new album…why? you ask. Because she is the shit…so suck on that.

  3. Mariah is an ass-clown.

  4. This performance is amazing. First off, it’s live, Mariah chose to sing it live–though most don’t and have the option of singing a pre-recorded version (Whitney was the first to do this). I like how subtle it is, but she is able to use her power when it’s needed. And the “free” note is one of the highest notes in history. I just love MC–I love her voice, I love her beauty, and I love how fun she is–don’t take life to seriously. And of yeah, Madonna fans can say what they want, but Mariah will once again dominate the airwaves and record sales this year. Madonna’s new CD, Confessions of a HasBeen won’t do crap.

  5. OMG! amazing really i love her and she has to be the sexiest woman in the universe she gets me hard 😉

  6. Even pre recorded and lip synching this sounds dreadful – and the stratsopheric “note” in no way resembled the song. Also she is NOT the best selling artist in the world. Mariah and Celine always claim this but that honor belongs to Madonna.

  7. I will never forget watching Cher and her AMAZING performance at the superbowl back in 1999.

  8. If I could make that high-pitched noise I would use it all the time in casual conversation just to accentuate certain words.

  9. Why’d they let that cow on the field?

  10. Somehow I can’t get into her style, I think it’s just too precious for its own good: just because you can do beautiful melisme it doesn’t mean you should do it all the time.
    She’s always had an impressive instrument, though, there’s no denying that.
    It’s great to have you back, Frank.

  11. wtf? who cares… why all this shit about the american national anthem???? you dont need like 10000000 posts on the same god damned thing. BORING.

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