!! OMG how sweet: Jay Brannan !!

Little doe-eyed/sultry-eyed/starry-eyed Jay Brannan (whose asshole gets serenaded in Shortbus) will be making the gays go juicy at his concerts during his mini-tour over the next while.
He’s playing in Los Angeles tonight, Vancouver on January 20th, Toronto on January 24th, and New York on February 16th.
CLICK HERE to visit his Myspace page for more photos and to hear his music.

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10 Comments on "OMG how sweet: Jay Brannan"

  1. Can’t wait to see him at his Vancouver show this Sunday!

  2. I’ve seen Jay in concert several times – he’s terrific, cute, great lilting voice, and some heartbreaking songs (No, he does NOT do Jack Black-style comedy crap!).
    Go see him if you can – but definitely check out his music.

  3. super hot!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOVE him. Great features.

  5. He’s my favorite singer. Check out his website too: http://www.jaybrannan.com

  6. the boy rocks,cute, hot, funny!

  7. Ugh, he should stick to porn.

  8. He’s real cute and has a nice voice.
    But to be honest I think you should show a ton of screen caps from Short Bus 😉

  9. no way. is he trying to be like a gay Jack Black? ya know, terribly written comedy songs? plus this guy is boring as all hell.. but pretty.

  10. nice! his songs are good too 🙂

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