!! OMG, how telling: Facial Hair !!

With all the popularity of beards on kids these days, check out THIS LIST of What Your Facial Hair Really Says About You. For example, the goatee:

What You Think It Says About You: I’m a little bit straight-laced, and a little bit wild. I can get down to business, but I can also party hard, too. Whatever you want, I’m up for it.

What It Really Says About You: I can tell you who is going to go far in the NHL playoffs, and most likely, if I have sex with you, I’ll leave my socks on. Also, I really want you to look at my mouth, so I circled it in hair.

Good For: Noah the Intern, Youth Group Ministers, Bikers

Sentence Heard From This Person: “Oh man, that shitter is going to remember me.”

I wonder what the beard I’m growing to cover my zits says about me?

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