!! OMG, how trashy: Sarah Jessica Parker !!

And I mean “trashy” in the sense that Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing a form-fitting trash bag around her bottom half: a very high-waisted trash bag of course for that extra horsey flare.
She was in New York for a book signing, presumably her own, though I have no idea what the book is and don’t care. See a close-up photo after the jump that would put a drag queen to shame.

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5 Comments on "OMG, how trashy: Sarah Jessica Parker"

  1. Wow she’s looking real wrinkly, the girl should get some good moisturizer.

  2. ironically enough the party was for a book by cosmetic queen laura mercier who does sjp’s make-up..oops. and the dress is mcqueen..you love it?

  3. There’s got to be one sweaty cooch under there. I’m over horse face.

  4. Happy Endings

    • A queer arts festival started in New York City. [Mix NYC] • Frank Grigg’s Not About Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress. [!! omg blog !!] • South Africa’s Home Affairs Committee Passed the gay-nups bill. [Mail & Guardian] • Two…

  5. The horror…the horror

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