!! The world according to Benetton !!

Just in case you didn’t get the message that BENETTON CARES ABOUT THINGS, the Italian garment corporation has started its very own blog, where it can moralize about various world issues on a daily basis.
With post titles like “Let’s take care of our forests,” “Pakistan, no unveiled ads,” and “Halting the catastrophic loss of fish species,” we can all thank the folks at Benetton for alerting us to all these important catastrophes and injustices in the world, not just because they want to sell us overpriced mass-market knitwear, but because they are GOOD PEOPLE.
(Thanks to Kevin for the tip!)

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2 Comments on "The world according to Benetton"

  1. Benneton is the company that just will not go away – – how many times can one organization go bankrupt before they get the message? Your clothes are stupid and you spend way too much on advertising that is stupid too. Go away.

  2. Is anyone else sorta irked by the fact that the African child in that Bennetton picture is “done up” to resemble the devil? It’s cute at first look, but then I got kinda creeped out by the white angel and the black devil.

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