!! OMG, how unilluminating: LOGO Presidential forum !!

At the LOGO network’s recent forum for the Democratic Presidential candidates, Hillary, Barack, and John practically tripped over each other to explain how none of them supported gay marriage but how somehow they were still the best candidate for the gay community.
Fringe candidate Dennis Kucinich was the only one to support it, and Governor Bill Richardson actually said he believes being gay is a choice. Yes, he said that. On television. On the gay channel. In front of Melissa Etheridge.
Make sure you watch to the end so you can see “The Daily Show‘s Most Immature Montage Ever.” (via A Socialite’s Life)

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1 Comment on "OMG, how unilluminating: LOGO Presidential forum"

  1. Okay, THAT was funny, so they want the gay vote, if only there was a way to not alienate the voters who HATE gays….I got it, sit on the damn fence and not give gay people marriage….call it a second class people’s union (I am being sarcastic)…perfect. Screw them, that pisses me off that they won’t just spit it out already, but anyways, watch it till the end, the last 15 seconds are funny.

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