!! OMG, how unlikely: Enrique Iglesias modeling small condoms !!

Star Pulse is reporting that Lifestyles has offered pop singer Enrique Iglesias $1 million to “model” their new line of small condoms based on his comment last year that his penis is “way, way, way too small.”
Whether Enrique’s penis is actually teensie or Anna’s cootch is just too large, we will never know. And I mean we will NEVER know, especially not in a Lifestyles condom ad. But just on the off chance that Enrique does ever get out the goods, you know you will see it here first! (via ONTD)

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6 Comments on "OMG, how unlikely: Enrique Iglesias modeling small condoms"

  1. omgg enrique is soo hot

  2. omfg he is so hot uu guys should put naked pics of him on here that would b so fucking hot i would jack off 2 that ;]

  3. i would have fun with it no matter how big it is!

  4. I’ll take Enrique and size he comes! He is HOT! Would love to see pics of goods if they every come up

  5. He used to say that all the time back in the 90s. Am I the only one that listened to Howard Stern?

  6. That would be the most embarassing celebrity promotion ever. I highly doubt he’d do it. But I put my money on Anna cooter being too big of a man eater.

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