!! Faux !!

!! OMG, FREAKY: Gavin Rossdale’s new girlfiend looks EXACTLY like his ex-wife and Gwen Stefani !!

JUST when you think life couldn’t get any weirder, your ex-husband and father to your kids goes as starts dating a woman who has altered her appearance to look EXACTLY like you. (Well… exactly like you if signed an exclusive 4-year deal with Brazzers. We are kinda into P*RNY Gwen v 2.0. Werk!) Needless to say, Gavin’s got a type.

Some definite single white female spookiness going on here with Gavin Rossdale and his new girlfriend singer Xhoana X. They say “Never meet your idols.” but they should really update it to “Never transform fully into your idols and then find and date their ex-husbands of 14 years”. Okay… We need Gwen to weigh in with a bible verse or something… Find more pics of the new couple in Cabo after the jump!


!! OMG, it’s called FASHUN, look it up! Pissed-stained jeans come at a hefty price tag, but sawry — they’re already SOLD OUT!! !!

Imagine becoming famous for creating a line of jeans that makes you look like you’ve pissed yourself? On one hand, it’s completely ridiculous — on the other… FASHION TWATS WILL DROP CASH ON -ANYTHING- THEY THINK IS EDGY AND IRONIC, so it doesn’t exactly shock us.

After all… where does one go after purchasing BALENCIAGA’s $4400 packing tape roll bangle???

Enter Jordanluca, the fashion brand who’s already sold out their line of jeans that say ‘you should probably go get your prostate checked.’


!! OMG, Ryan Gosling and Mikey Day cosplay Beavis & Butthead while promoting ‘The Fall Guy’ !!

Hey, buttwipe. Ryan Gosling and Mikey Day cosplayed 90s cartoon icons Beavis & Butthead while promoting their new film the ‘The Fall Guy’. Apparently Ryan’s SNL appearance was the highest-rated episode in years! (Though, we still think he could have put a little more underbite into Beavis)

Could they be hinting at a live-action film version of the pair after the audience reaction? Or was it just another a stunt? Check out the video of the red carpet The Fall Guy after the jump.


!! OMG, off-brand Willy Wonka exhibit is the new Fyre Festival, ends with police intervention !!

Well, at least they got the WONK part right!

Guests reportedly paid £35 (about $45) to get to the ‘WILLY WONKA EXHIBIT’, but once inside, there wasn’t much for them to enjoy. Photos from the event show a sparsely decorated room with almost nothing that was promised in the seemingly AI-generated advertisements, which even contained several misspellings.

Some of the costumes were seemingly just as disastrous as the experience itself. Paterson felt her costume was “really cheaply made” and “so inappropriate” for a children’s event, according to Vulture.

Find more on the farcical event, with images and a video tour from inside after the jump!


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