!! Faux !!

!! OMG, AND!? Prominent Christian doctor claims COVID vaccines will turn people into “transhumanist cyborgs” !!

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny of Ohio is an influential source of COVID-19 misinformation, and she has also got a history of anti-LGBTQ statements, especially about transgender people. Hunnie thinks the vaccines make people magnetic. Neat stuff like that.

“The stated goal is to depopulate the planet and the ones that are left, either make them chronically sick or turn them into transhumanist cyborgs that can be manipulated externally by 5G, by magnets, by all sorts of things,” Tenpenny said on the program.

“I got dragged through the mud by the mainstream media when I said that in May of last year in front of the House committee in Columbus,” she said. “Well, guess what? It’s all true.”

“The whole issue of quantum entanglement and how what the shots do in terms of the frequencies and the electronic frequencies that come inside of your body and hook you up to the ‘Internet of Things,’ the quantum entanglement that happens immediately after you’re injected,” she continued. “You get hooked up to what they’re trying to develop, it’s called the hive mind, and they want all of us there as a node and as an electronic avatar that is an exact replica of us except it’s an electronic replica, it’s not our God-given body that we were born with.”

Check out what this nut has to say above! Thoughts, OMG!? I know some of y’all lap up what this kook is sayin! SMDH.

!! OMG, WATCH: A man pranked a Vancouver city councillor into calling him ‘Jackin Daddyoff’ !!

Someone Bart Simpson-ed the heck out of Vancouver Councillor Pete Fry. Vancouver City Council was discussing a rezoning application for a proposed housing development Tuesday evening when it opened up the hearing to questions from the public.

“We’re gonna now hear from the public starting with speaker number 1, Jackin Daddyoff. Jackin Daddyoff on the line?”

After a 15-second delay, Fry repeats, “Speaker number 1, Jackin Daddyoff.” The caller then launched into a wild tirade about martial arts. Check it out after the jump!


!! OMG, tired of having your packages stolen this holiday? This porch-pirate glitterbomb paypack video just made our day !!

Okay, normally we aren’t really into Ashton Kutcher-esque PUNKINGS… buuuuut… It’s big-time therapeutic watching these deserving porch-pirates steal packages and get what’s coming to them: GLITTER! and FARTS!

Gayest payback ever, no!? And they’re caught on camera. Check it out after the jump!


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