!! OMG, Huss on Puss: Adam Huss on ‘Femme Fatales’ !!

Britney fans calm the hell down, this is not extra tour footage where Brit gets banged by her Slave 4 U snake handler, it’s from the 2011 TV series of the same name with an extra ‘S’ at the end, for Snake or Spears or Shaved-head-umbrella-wielding-SUV-paparazzi-freakout-episode!
Follow the jump to see Adam Huss riding the puss, and if you’re a timid delicate sort of gay that’s scared of them NSFW lady-nips then just scroll through the first few caps to see Adam’s Huss-le muscles; but I’m just say’n, that all the butt shots are further down, so you may want to just suck up that gay gold star and carry on scrolling, I don’t know, maybe your scroll-finger slipped a bit!

Click on the caps to view the images larger:
Adam Huss 00.jpg
Adam Huss 13.jpg
Adam Huss 01.jpg
Adam Huss 02.jpg
Adam Huss 03.jpg
Adam Huss 04.jpg
Adam Huss 05.jpg
Adam Huss 06.jpg
Adam Huss 07.jpg
Adam Huss 10.jpg
Adam Huss 11.jpg
Adam Huss 12.jpg
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10 Comments on "OMG, Huss on Puss: Adam Huss on ‘Femme Fatales’"

  1. Also dated this guy a few years back as well. He was very fake. If you couldn’t do something to further his career, you might as well step aside. I couldn’t stand to be around him after awhile. Glad to see he’s graduated from doing extra work to guest starring on late night porn showing his ass (albeit a great ass). I will forever miss pounding that.

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  4. Hi HB, thanks for visiting to tell us you don’t visit. xo Frank

  5. Why the Britney references tho? so out of place. This blog is just shit now… now I remember why I stopped visiting

  6. ahahahahaha, you understand that news scoop, I didn’t

  7. Ugh Since when did we start having Breeder scenes on a GAY blog?? disgusting…

  8. DITTO!!

  9. Totally dated this guy for like 2 weeks a few years ago. Really hot. A little crazy. And totally gay. But he did NOT have that ass back then. Good for him.

  10. tobesthepoof | May 31, 2013 at 1:44 pm | Reply

    I’d eat that.

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