!! OMG, I die: Adele’s NPR mini-concert !!

With the release of her new album 21 only days away, my Adele fever is nearing fatal levels: every time that British songstress opens her mouth and belts out another thundering note, I die a little more (in the good way). Check out this three-song mini-concert Adele performed when she stopped by the NPR music offices. And when you’re done, please come peel me off the ceiling (you know, in the good way).

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2 Comments on "OMG, I die: Adele’s NPR mini-concert"

  1. Hope you enjoy the album. Been on continuous loop in my house since its UK release. Some tracks to look out for include He Won’t Go, Set Fire to the Rain, and the excellent cover of The Cure’s Lovesong.
    If you search for ‘Adele tabernacle’ on that well-known video shring website, you’ll see her perform quite a few tracks from a small gig she did in London prior to the release of ’21’ over here.

  2. Holy shit! I love her so much!

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