!! OMG, I love her: Wanda Sykes !!

I don’t know if all of her facts are right, but damn she’s funny. She and JANEANE should team up. Leno can stay home…
Also, watch Wanda’s bit about gay marriage after the jump.

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5 Comments on "OMG, I love her: Wanda Sykes"

  1. on a total and complete seperate note, Frank i want to crawl under a rock and HIDE everytime i see that “you approve everything but spam and Hate speech. that was not my finest moment and i am embarrassed until i die that you had to put that disclaimer up because of me. hope your week-end was a great one btw.

  2. She’s funny and she generally makes sense. I’d like to see her a lot more. Shame that the imdb.com forum for her is so filled with haters picking on her voice, hair, or the quality of the movie roles that she’s been hired to play.

  3. god dammit man don’t type and talk on the phone at the same. i know his name is JAY LENO and not dave!! my DUMBASS was talking to sister on the phone about letterman and McCain. The dumbass of the day award goes to ME!!!!

  4. she is funny as hell, but it is scary as hell that dave is right about the poor average Joe going to have to pay an extra 7k in taxes to bail out the banks. why in the hell are they not getting to the root of the problem and outlaw A.R.M.s’? (Adjustable Rate Mortages) if your credit suxx so bad but you still want a loan, you should just be started at a higher rate and never raised, and as thier credit gets better that rate should go down. i guess that would be just to much common sense.

  5. i love wanda sykes. i have been a fan of hers for many years.

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