!! OMG, “I needed some help”: Whoopi Goldberg’s passion project !!

You’d think if Whoopi Goldberg wanted to make a movie, she could simply cut a check and be done. Not so says Whoopi Goldberg. The “View” host told IndieWire that she’s financing her directorial debut on Kickstarter — the online crowdfunding source — because “I have limited funds. I have family. I take care of a lot of people on one check. So I needed some help.” Goldberg hopes to raise $65,000 for her documentary on Moms Mabley, the door-opening female comedian who found national fame in the 1960s. Mabley died in 1975, leaving behind 20 comedy records and a legacy that paved the way for people like Goldberg. “Moms was the first and without her there probably would not have been a Totie, a Joan, a Kathy, a Wanda, or any of the others who may follow.”

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3 Comments on "OMG, “I needed some help”: Whoopi Goldberg’s passion project"

  1. celebrity net worth dot com estimates her net worth at $45 Million. I ain’t giving her a dime to come up with $65,000. If she takes care of SOOO many people that she can’t come up with $65,000 on her own – then she’s BAD with her money!!!! She probably gets $65,000 per episode on The View! WTF?!?! Oh no girlfriend, you can count me OUT on this one. How outrageous, seriously.

  2. My hart bleeds for her. To dam bad. Get off the fence and do something.

  3. Yeah, you see, they only spend other people’s money. Never their own. Don’t give her a dime.

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