!! OMG, I won: The Gay Bloggies !!

It has just been announced that I am the official winner of the Gay Bloggies! And you know what that means: lots of free porn memberships for all of you! I haven’t received the prizes yet, but the contests will be begin as soon as I do. In the meantime, I need contest ideas since there will be so many to give away! Leave your ideas in comments or send them to me here.
Thank you again to everyone who gave me the “thumbs up” throughout the competition and also to my special blog friends that gave me some linkage, specifically Produzentin and the WOW Report. If you were sending your readers to vote for me as well, please let me know and I’ll include you in a thank-you banner that will go up on Monday.
Congrats to my other final three competitors Craig and Fausto. We all worked really hard to get there.
Finally, a big thank-you to the guys at Queerclick for organizing such a well-thought-out web contest with such an amazing prize package. I’m still in shock and awe.
I promise not to mention “thumbs” for a long time now. xo Frank

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80 Comments on "OMG, I won: The Gay Bloggies"

  1. we’re still waiting for u to post those pics, vids u promised
    u seem to be lazy updating ur site.
    need nude pics not panda or how hotels are unsanitary!
    P lol
    now go post pics pics pics and vids!

  2. Congrats! Your’s is one of my favorites so I am happy that you won. =)

  3. joe-back mountain | January 8, 2008 at 1:16 pm | Reply

    Congrats super much, I joined in late, but I voted hard and often. By the way thank you so much for Alexyss Tylor, I have an army of people standing at attention in Vagina Power now. She is what won the competition in my heart and metaphorical vagina.

  4. OMGFRANK thats awesome buddy!
    Congratulations you deserved thewin for sure.

  5. Congratulations. you deserve for bringing us an incredible site.

  6. Yay Frank!

  7. Congrats on the win, Frank…I knew you could do it!!!!!

  8. Congratulations on your victory! I actually feel like my votes counted, unlike votes cast in presidential elections [specifically the “victory” dubyah STOLE from Big Al Gore]. Just proves yet again…queers are more honest than Republicans!

  9. I wanted to say CONGRATS, I’m happy that you won, I know you wanted it. On top of the fact that we get free porn, which is…ya know….good as hell. I wasn’t sure if I should comment or not, cuz this had 69 comments and I didn’t want to ruin the number lol. A little immature, but…*shrugs* Yeah. Once again, congrats.

  10. Congratulations! Glad my thumbs up weren’t in vain!
    Especially your last entry was amazing! Well deserved Frank!

  11. OMG Frank! You so totally deserve it! See you for my Birthady hopefully?
    Gail xo

  12. I’ll throw my hat in the ring and say “congrats!”. In the face of people saying that you shouldn’t win because you didn’t reveal your innermost psyche to us (who cares? Bring on the kittens!), you gave the people what they want. Congratulations!
    Interesting that my comment on the Gay Bloggies site (in response to their posting of the winners) giving criticism to the length of the contest wasn’t posted, or was deleted. Huh.

  13. congratulations in winning the gay bloggies Frank!. I voted for you throughout the whole competition and this is a well-deserved victory.

  14. Congratulations, Frank!!
    I almost forgot about The Bloggies…that took a long time, but good things come to those who rule!
    Well done!

  15. congrats to you man. people will always have different opinions so expect that. while i have always been a constant visitor to your blog, i always voted objectively based on the given topic. and i just happened to like yours the best most of the time. keep your chin up and screw the sore losers. give them time. more often than not, they grow up eventually. *hugs*

  16. YAY! I’ve been on pins and needles wondering how it turned out.

  17. Congratulations Frank, I knew you could do it! Enjoy the cash =D

  18. Congrats! You were definately the best out of the pack

  19. The Infamous Dr. Para | January 7, 2008 at 1:20 am | Reply

    “wow, i didn’t realize the posting videos and some captions equaled blogging. fauso fernos is the winner, and we’re making sure that this rigging comes to light. we are contacting the gay bloggies and sponsors. make sure to have that check ready to return!”
    OMG … bitter much
    It was a contest and the voters obviously picked the best of the bunch, so instead of congrats, you try to tastelessly put down this interesting blog. Yawn, next.
    Congrats Frank, I and all my collective of friends voted for you each round hoping you would come this far because your blog has been nothing short of entertaining and a fun read since I first discovered all that time ago.
    Enjoy your prize and keep the OMG’s coming.

  20. i am so happy for you! you definitely deserve it!
    congrats 😀

  21. Oooh, my votings was put to good use. I try to vote in as many rounds as possible. congrats to omgblog.

  22. wow, i didn’t realize the posting videos and some captions equaled blogging. fauso fernos is the winner, and we’re making sure that this rigging comes to light. we are contacting the gay bloggies and sponsors. make sure to have that check ready to return!

  23. sorry, i really don’t think you won.

  24. Randall Blaylock | January 6, 2008 at 4:46 pm | Reply

    OMG! OMG! OMG! YOU WON! You won the gold medal for gay bloggies! It is like Canadian under 17 who won the gold yesterday. I sang Oh Canada here in Montreal! Congratulations Frank! Party on Church!

  25. OMG, UR HOT!!! Luv the blog, now luv you too.

  26. YAY! Voting for you was a lot of work… thumb ups for you and thumb downs for the rest. At the beginning it was heck of work… But it is all worth it.
    Looking fwd to your future thumb up quality entries.
    Have a great one.

  27. OMG, U R HOT!!! Love you and the blog. Congrats!!!

  28. christopherds | January 6, 2008 at 2:29 pm | Reply

    I know you could do it this is one of the best blogs on the net i voted for you every single round so congrats keep up the good work this site rocks

  29. yay!! congratulations.

  30. Wow, congratulation, you really deserve it, your blog is one of the best out there, loves it…

  31. Congrats — You have a great blog that I enjoy. The award was deservedly yours.

  32. Congratulations Frank!
    But now, you have to live up to it!
    So keep on bringing the funny posts, Oh, and the naked dudes too 😉

  33. Congratulations Frank!!!
    I was so worried you wouldn’t win, since Fausto had his little podcast friends voting for him, but I am glad to see the best won.
    Keep up the good work, and put up more pictures of yourself so I can get lost in your beauty somemore.

  34. GRATZ!!! 😉

  35. yay! you’re the best!

  36. Congrats Frank! You deserve all the porn that they can throw at ya!

  37. Congrajyoolations! All the thumbs up to you and thumbs down to others were well worth it, I guess!

  38. yippy!!!! congrats Frank you do deserve it

  39. YAY! Congrats.

  40. Congrats!!!
    I thought Fausto had you smoked, so I am very happily surprised to see you pull it out! Well done!

  41. omg could you be cuter!

  42. WAY TO GO FRANK!! You have an original, interesting, well-written, and FUN blog. It’s a highlight for me every week. SO glad you won!!!

  43. Great news, all that voting was worth it, what a way to start the New Year! Congratulations. x

  44. Hey Dude thats great, i am so glad its over i was almost ready to cut some thumbs off 🙂 But congratulations you definately deserve the other sites were crap and your site is the best to see the sexy naked celebs
    Keep up the great work
    Happy 2008

  45. Big congratulations to you Frank, well deserved ^_^

  46. yay, congrats!

  47. Congrats. THAT ROCKS!

  48. Congratulations! That weekly (?) dose of thumbs up was well worth it!

  49. OMG,congratulations~

  50. way to go, frank! your gaiety puts the rest of us to shame, dude!
    if you prance your way over to Buddies tonight, i’ll buy you drinks, you big gay winner, you!

  51. Congrats!! Yay go gays! lol

  52. Congratulations!!! You deserved it!! Of course it would been much cooler if you’d won like a million bucks but 2500.00 will buy plenty of lube for those porns….YES!!! I always vote for the best…and evidently for OMG is the best!!! Keep up the great work !!!

  53. Yay!! Congrats! You deserve it! 🙂

  54. Congrats!

  55. Congrats on winning. I guess that focusing on video links and your cat was a good move.
    Congrats to Anderson as well.

  56. congrats!

  57. One of a very few blogs I keep up with on a daily basis. I’m glad to see your effort be validated … congratulations.

  58. Congratulations, Frank! You definately deserved the prize. I check your blog everyday! It is totally awesome and so are you!

  59. CONGRATS!!!!!
    i lov your site, so i’m glad to hear that you won!

  60. Good for you! It’s nice to see all your hard work payed off. You and Queerclick Sticky are my two faves. Nothing better than a site with hot guys, interesting articles, and especially on OMG cute and funny bits on animals. Thanx for keeping me entertained.

  61. Well HOT DAMN Frank!We all knew you would win.You deserved it.Congrats and hopefully next year you will earn it again.

  62. Good Job.
    Don’t forget to reward Anderson Pooper, since he seems to have contributed to your win.

  63. YAY for you Frank! 😀 I worked hard to click that thumbs up button for you every round… you deserve it!

  64. OMG, You Rock! I knew you would win. OMG Blog is awesome, and we all love you!

  65. OMG, you won! That’s great news.

  66. you should do some kind of “male celebrity nudity” trivia contest!!

  67. Congratulations. I’m thrilled you won. It was so easy to support you. Number one, you provide a unique site and two the voting thumbs up maneuver was a mere keystroke. So glad it worked out. Steve Palm Springs, California

  68. congrats!
    i cant waittttt for the contests! im about due for some free porn. lol

  69. OMG you’re the queen!

  70. Congratulations Frank! Porn pics? I will be waiting.

  71. OMG, I backed a winner! Congrats, Frank!

  72. yaaay! I thumbs upped you good.

  73. WAY TO GO FRANK!!! and we can’t forget Anderson Pooper…
    I came across your blog a year or so ago and haven’t stopped since… I’ve got my BF so hooked on your site too… so congrats… we both voted for you ever step of the way.

  74. perpetualtranze | January 5, 2008 at 11:55 am | Reply

    OMG Congratulations! I absolutely love this blog!

  75. Heartfelt congrats! I would have been miserable if it turned out any other way, You are CLEARLY the BEST!

  76. Congratulations!! Well done, I’m glad my votes got you somewhere!

  77. u better follow-up on ur promise to share porn pics! u slut, u!
    I VOTED 4 U!

  78. OMG congrats! You are the first blog I check every morning and I couldn’t be happier for you! You always have the perfect mix of humor, hot guys, weird shit, and did I mention hot guys! Can’t wait to see the contests you have coming our way!
    Congrats again Frank!

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