!! OMG, ‘I’m looking at you, gays’: Kathy Griffin and Cher take on Mitt Romney !!

In advance of tomorrow’s much-welcome conclusion to the American Presidential election, Cher and Kathy Griffin have teamed up to spread the word about Mitt Romney‘s stance on women’s issues — not that us gays aren’t this video’s target audience, too. Because, hello, who better to get our attention than these two?!

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4 Comments on "OMG, ‘I’m looking at you, gays’: Kathy Griffin and Cher take on Mitt Romney"

  1. Ladies it is obvious that you live in fantasy land. This election has very little to do with abortion and gays rights… regardless of who gets in the White House gays will gain the right to mariage and abortion laws will stay the same. You can not fault someone if they truly believe that abortion is murder and gay marriage is a sin but you could fault them if they believe these things and just let them go. The real issue is the direction of this country’s economy, to either let it continue on the road to socialism which is destroying what America is truly about, the entrepreneurial spirit or to change it’s course back to what made America great and cultivate small business with less government breathing down our necks. A mother and Entrepreneur

  2. Morticia and The Wicked Witch.
    The only relationship with a man that either of them have consistently had has been with their plastic surgeons.
    Maybe they “share”.

  3. Lol. “Share.” Phillip, I think you’ve got a case of the Mondays. So do I. 🙂

  4. OMG, ‘I’m looking at you, gays’: Kathy Griffin and SHARE take on Mitt Romney.
    Really? Share? I’m revoking your gay card if you can’t spell Cher right. If she saw this, she might hunt you down and bitch slap you so far back in time, it would take 3 weeks for your shadow to catch up!

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