!! OMG, I’m Offended: Tasteless Halloween Costumes !!

As we all know, good Halloween costumes come in three flavors:

  1. sluttacious
  2. hats on cats
  3. that’s racist!

By “racist,” of course I mean, homophobic, sexist, unpatriotic, lactose intolerant, WHATEVER! Those are always the best costumes, right? I’ll never forget the year I was a migrant farmworker. I was lol’ing for days.
Anyway, because I would have been too lazy to do it myself, (and because I didn’t think of it) I’m really happy that the fine fellows at The Awl have compiled a list of most offensive Halloween costumes, all available in retailers near you. While I give the above GAYLIEN 3 laffs out of a possible 4 laffs, I think we all know which costume I’m choosing: Teen Asian Dragon Lady!
See more at The Awl.
(By the way, Frank, that reminds me– can you find those pictures of me the year I was Jerri Blank? I don’t have copies.)

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1 Comment on "OMG, I’m Offended: Tasteless Halloween Costumes"

  1. so this means all the other masks are hetro then, at least this clears things up and their is only 1 gay horror mask whiles the rest are cunt stabber masks

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