!! OMG, I’m stumped: Halloween Costume !!

I can’t decide what to be for Halloween this year…I have to be something amazing and I need your help.
THIS WEBSITE calls the above picture one of the worst Halloween costumes ever, but I think it’s pretty great. See more photos of “bad” costumes after the jump and leave a comment to help me decide what I should be!


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13 Comments on "OMG, I’m stumped: Halloween Costume"

  1. My partner and I went as a priest and a little boy.

  2. Am I weird for finding the last guy kinda cute and the spidey undies a turn on?

  3. go as obese spiderman! or else as a straight man.

  4. The Bowling Mom from The Amazing Race

  5. The last guy is kinda cute? The Spidey-undies are funny. I’m not even put off or wonder about the Tigger top. However, the SpyKids poster in the background…yikes.

  6. I’m going as Sarah Palin and I’ve convinced my husband to be John McCain. I couldn’t imagine anything scarier than invoking those two.

  7. For the spider man costume: MAKE ME UNSEE IT!!!!! I’m going as Sarah Palin myself.. Scariest costume I could think of

  8. Well, first of all, I’m AMAZED by the picture of Homer. I don’t think that it is a Halloween costume, but a Carnival costume and that the guy is in Aviles, Spain during Carnival 2004. There is a good chance that I’m wrong, but I definitely saw a VERY similar Homer Simpson in Aviles during Carnival in 2004 and that picture is definitely NOT in the US.
    Also, my partner and I were Bert and Ernie last year. Our costumes were way better – we made felt heads to give them the muppet-like appearance. I like the Christian Siriano idea from Brock – 2 years ago one of my costumes was Jeffrey Sebelia. This year my partner and I are Jay and Silent Bob.

  9. Haha I’ve been going on I-Am-Bored for 4 years now. I never get tired of it. [:

  10. Bert & Ernie and Homer frankly scare the shit out of me, to be honest.

  11. Tanuki suit, obvs!

  12. any animal with huge balls. maybe a zebra …

  13. Wow… those are some craptastic costumes! The obese spidey disturbs me a little. Alright, Graydon, here are some shots:
    Tim Gunn, Christian Siriano, Geriatric Indiana Jones, Pavi Largo (from Repo! The Genetic Opera), Repo Man (from Repo! The Genetic Opera), Charles Nelson Reilly, and James Lipton. If you’re into drag… Evie, Coco, Varla, Hedwig, or Junice from the SNL Lawrence Welk skit.

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