!! OMG, in a world where everyone’s gay: Only Kellan Lutz is straight !!

Imagine a world where everyone is gay. Now put Kellan Lutz in that world. Ideal, right? Only Lutz will play a secretly straight journalist in a movie with one such setup, called “Love is All You Need?,” which also stars Camilla Belle as Lutz’s love interest. Would it have been too much to ask for Lutz to be matched with, ohIdon’tknow, Andrew Garfield?
(via Out)

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1 Comment on "OMG, in a world where everyone’s gay: Only Kellan Lutz is straight"

  1. It seriously befuddles me that even in an all gay world we have to endure a heterosexual romance. I know that they’re trying to make it an allegory, but I don’t feel that with this premise. I saw that other film based off this same scenario and it was just a disaster — when they left the dream of the all gay world and came back to the straight dominated one (aka the real world) the gay guy ended up straight.

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