!! OMG, in case you weren’t watching: Shiz gets crazy on ‘The Real World’ !!

Frank and Nate are friends. Frank is gorgeous and bisexual. Nate is medium-ugly and straight. Nate gets his boxers into a twist because Frank brings home a man and blondie-mc-smushed-face can’t deal with a sword fight going down in the bed next to his. Frank in turn freaks out, using smashed ceramics as an antidote to homophobia, and then Nate — in a moment of poetic heat — says, “We were besties, wtf.” And that’s what you missed on The Real World: San Diego.
(via Queerty)

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6 Comments on "OMG, in case you weren’t watching: Shiz gets crazy on ‘The Real World’"

  1. Blondie showed a lot of restraint. Drunk or not, Mr. Chin-everlasting would have been pushed in the pool.

  2. BrookeDisAstor | October 15, 2011 at 10:51 pm | Reply

    Read the blurb, didn’t even give it a click… RW’s not worth it.

  3. Let me see –
    He is bi?
    The straight guy referred to them as besties. hmmm….
    Since I do not watch the show I do not know how far the beds are from each other, but I do not want someone bringing their sex home if it is in the same bedroom, male or female.
    I think the blond is actually better looking and the gay guy is girly and immature and hardly BFF material

  4. Aw, the Real World. That show’s been making me so glad that gun laws here are horrendously laxed. So… is that pee?

  5. Did he piss on himself? There seems to be a wetspot on his boxers.
    And how awkward is it to have a lapel on your butt? Haha!

  6. That is awkward and pathetic. I just watched the video until the end because of his package… OK, that’s pathetic too.

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