!! OMG, it actually looks good: Grey Gardens !!

Of course the original Grey Gardens documentary featuring the icons that are Big and Little Edie can never be outdone, but the film adaptation doesn’t look at all like a disappointment. The film will go back 40 years and show us these women as they were in their glory days and how they came to live in squalor. There’s also a sneak peak of Drew Barrymore as Little Edie re-enacting part of the documentary and she actually sounds and looks quite good. Watch it HERE. I must say I’m looking forward to seeing this now. The movie airs on HBO on April 18th.

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3 Comments on "OMG, it actually looks good: Grey Gardens"

  1. What made the original so brilliant is that they weren’t acting, they were just being themselves. Turning it into a ‘movie’ will take away the realism. Why can’t Hollywood leave things alone? If it ain’t broke…

  2. I can not wait. I knew Jessica would be great and now it looks like Drew has Little Edie down. Whew!

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