!! OMG, “it’s always been a part of my soul”: Josh Hutcherson on being an ally !!

“Hunger Games” hunk Josh Hutcherson has been a longtime ally for the LGBT community, at many points during his movie’s promo tour emphasizing his advocacy efforts over his fame. And now we know a little of why. Hutcherson talked to E! about how losing two uncles to AIDS affected his life:

“They were in their early thirties, in great shape, but unfortunately they were taken away from us too soon. Both passed away at about the time I was born. My mom has always been a big advocate, especially in the gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual community so for me it’s always been a part of my soul. This is what my family is most proud of and the same for me. Acting is one thing, but actually trying to change the world and the way people think to make people’s lives better? That’s the stuff I’m most proud of.”

(via Queerty)

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5 Comments on "OMG, “it’s always been a part of my soul”: Josh Hutcherson on being an ally"

  1. Kevin in Cincy | April 22, 2012 at 12:03 am | Reply

    We in the Cincinnati area are proud to call this smart cutey-patootie one of our own. WAY TO GO, JOSH!!!

  2. We need more people like him on our side. He sounds like a level headed young man that cares more about people than about fame. I hope it stays that way as his fame grows so that he can use that fame to help the world.

  3. Seriously, he’s like husband material:)

  4. His stock has risen ten fold!

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