!! OMG, it’s coming back: ‘Paradise Hotel’ !!

I received word from my friend Linda that Paradise Hotel is returning to Fox for another season, albeit on their new reality show channel! I cannot even contain my excitement over the prospect of this. Paradise Hotel is my favorite reality show of all time, and it made the summer of 2003 exceptional when it would have been less than that otherwise.
Castings have already begun and the tentative premiere date is January 13, 2008! Let’s hope that the ever-lovely superhost Amanda Byram is back to guide the unwitting dummies through their journey to the Ultimate Prize.
In the immortal words of Paradise Hotel contestant Toni Ferrari, “YAHTZEE! GAME ON!!!!”
BONUS: If you’ve been wondering what Season 1 star Zack (pictured below) has been doing with himself, you can find out after the jump.

He is still living the Paradise Hotel lifestyle, now in Hawaii and posing for Natural Bodybuilder magazine. Good for you Zack!
(Photos courtesy of Zack’s MySpace page)

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7 Comments on "OMG, it’s coming back: ‘Paradise Hotel’"

  1. so does anyone know where to find the paradise hotel season one on dvd? I would kill for the season one of paradise hotel on dvd. please let me know by emailing me. Thanks

  2. That banana Hammock is really tacky, but I can’t really blame a guy for trying to stretch out his 15 minutes of fame. (Unless it’s that bitch Trish from the Bachelor, man I could beat her up in a back alley)

  3. 2nd pic, 2 words: international male (in a good way for once)

  4. The Lawyer in him really brought out the stripper in him… i think the prize this year will be an Xbox360… for sure

  5. aloha to that bod and aloha to my clothes!

    What do you think the PRIZE OF A LIFETIME will be this time? That sounds even better than the ULTIMATE PRIZE, which really wasn’t very ultimate.

  7. He looks better in the first pic.

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