!! OMG, it’s divine: Gucci !!

A church in Hamilton, Ontario has been stripped of its charitable license after using funds to buy questionable items. The Dominion Christian Centre of Canada, led by Peter Rigo and his wife Peggy, bought items from Gucci, gym memberships, and trips to Hawaii using donor money.
Ugh, why are they being stripped of their license? That sounds like the only church I might go to. Gucci? Hawaii? Works for me.

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4 Comments on "OMG, it’s divine: Gucci"

  1. I think that the should move the church to the gym where they bought the memberships. I mean, the people running the church are clearly gay and the gym is the gay church. I’m not say’n, I’m just say’n.

  2. They should be investigated for fraud, the hypocritical couple.

  3. That’s a very nice chain/cross–I’m taking donations, if anyone wants to contribute…

  4. Nothing special about this necklace.

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