!! OMG, we take it back: Levi Johnston to Preserve His Innocence !!

MotherF! Asleep at the wheel again! No sooner do we mention Levi Johnston’s alleged upcoming UNZIPPED disrobing than does Gawker report that the former-almost-Mr. Palin will be posing for Playgirl instead!
Okay, so we got our information wrong, but at least we’ll still get to see Levi’s salmon bait, right? WRONG. Gawker also reports that little Tent Palin’s daddy will NOT be displaying his Great Northern Thing. That’s right: Mr. Johnston is posing for Playgirl but is choosing to disrespect his weiner-crazed fanbase at OMG Blog by keeping the dime between his ankles… and his undies ON.
What the f*ck? This can only mean one thing, of course: 8==D. No? Prove it!
(Also: uh, I’m too lazy to Google it but I swear I thought Playgirl folded like a year ago?)
UPDATE: I’m not going to do another post about this, because really how much Levi Johnston can one site take, but the plot thickens– it seems that Gawker’s report was incorrect, or at least premature. Luckily, The Advocate has a truly exhaustive investigation into the situation. It’s nice to know that even in this day and age, hard-hitting gay journalism survives!

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3 Comments on "OMG, we take it back: Levi Johnston to Preserve His Innocence"

  1. Oh god this made me lol big time.

  2. I was so hoping to catch Levi without his Levis. He is so hot in a trailer park kind of way. Sighhhhhhh

  3. I’m just as sad as you BMAD at this development. It’s like when Beau Breedlove (OMG that name!) only showed his ass in Unzipped. As for Playgirl, they did fold, but I think they kept their online counterpart.

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