!! OMG, it’s not funny: Beat 360 !!

Our sweetie-daddy, Anderson Cooper, can do no wrong…but his followers can. Andy launched a DLISTED STYLE “Caption This” style feature on his the 360 website. Readers are supposed to write their own captions for political photos, like the one above which garnered the following gems:

Wow, this is just like the set of Spin City. Hey was that Heather Locklear?

C’mon, make it fast, I gotta use the restroom.

Is that a shoe in that reporters hand?

And those were the funny ones. See more Beat 360s HERE. MethinksPUNDIT KITCHEN already has this covered, though.

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  1. Beat 360 is mostly lame, but there actually was a funny one that they didn’t air (it’s probably on YouTube)which had something to do with Nancy Pelosi telling Brad Pitt that he could “filibuster in her chambers anytime he wanted”. This caused Anderson and his sidekick Erica Hill to veer off into a mildly dirty little tangent.

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