!! OMG, it’s Shitney b*tch! !!

Shitney Beers performs “Chocolate” with Joni from The Switch at The ReVue in Toronto.
Last Friday night your intrepid omgblog.com team of gays attended a monthly drag cabaret in Toronto called The ReVue. From conceptual chest piercing to a nude rendition of Enrique Iglesias’s “Be With You”, each of the evening’s performers managed to disgust the audience in his or her own special way. By far the most memorable performer was Shitney Beers, who gave the audience an olfactory workout with her rendition of “Chocolate” (watch it above).
After the jump, don’t miss Shitney’s performance of her smash hit “Daddy One More Time.”

Shitney Beers performs “Hit Me Daddy One More Time” with Joni from The Switch at The ReVue in Toronto.
UPDATE: Lady Kaka has now made her debut at The Revue as well, performing her smash hit “Poop On Her Face”.
Introducing Shitney Beers

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  1. This shit is hot. genius!

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