!! OMG it’s Super Tuesday !!

Okay so I don’t really completely understand the American campaign/electoral process, but I know today is important.
According to the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, the gay vote is split.
So if basing your choice upon gay issues doesn’t give you a clear choice for a winner, have a look at THIS NY TIMES article that breaks down Barack and Hillary as Mac or PC.
So then would Huckabee be considered an abacus? NERD JOKE!

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  2. Clinton seems like she would cave if it ever came to blows on any issue–just like her husband did.
    Bill’s ’96 re-election campaign even did ads on Christian radio touting his support for the Defense of Marriage Act.

  3. Both would be friendly toward us. I remember the clintons invited gay couples to the white house dinners and parties. Ellen went to one with her female date and the male actor from the tv show whos the boss freaked out and got angry. He didn’t want his daughter to see that. The comments about oboma are wrong. When he ran for senate some religious leaders questioned him about his gay views and he countered with this , Show me one marriage that was destroyed by 2 men or women who kissed or who got married.”. And he did not know about the preacher guy being so homophobic. This guy donated money to him and offered to help on his campaign. Someone on his staff failed to catch this. Obama can not screen each person personally folks, he is a bit busy right now. Be careful what you hear and read…about both.. its election time which = smear time.

  4. BOTH Clinton and Obama are “scared” of gay marriage. (He seems less scared, IMO.)
    Neither of my local gay newspapers endorsed either of them. I voted for Obama over Clinton based on other issues. Her voting record as a senator paints her as the less progressive choice. (Again, IMO of course.)
    I was tempted to take a green party ballot for Cynthia McKinney, but I’ll save my green votes for the locals for now.

  5. Who’s the “ultrahomophobic conservative spokesman” that represented Obama? This is the first I’ve heard, and find it distressing. (Especially since he seemed much less smarmy than Clinton did on that Logo forum.)
    Almost everyone I know who WAS going to vote for Dennis Kucinich has settled on Obama, because they find him far less likely to sell us out than Hillary. She cast some disturbing in-line-with-Bush votes as a senator.
    Andy Humm and Ann Northrup–activists emeritus who host Gay USA on satellite TV and podcast– are both New Yorkers and both very anti-Hillary. Northrup has said numerous times she would love a woman president–just not Hillary.

  6. i voted for hilary today. i think she will be good for this country and good for the LGBT community.

  7. Obama SCARED of Gay Marrige | February 5, 2008 at 2:26 pm | Reply

    4 Years ago when SF Mayor Gavin Newsom allowed gay marrige, Obama was in town and would not allow to be photographed with Gavin…says something!

  8. I’m surprise that the gay vote is split. Clinton’s position on gays has always been strong but as for Obama, having an ultrahomophobic conservative spokesman to represent him in his campaign says alot about his positions on gay issues ^^!

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