!! OMG, Jake Shears and Stuart Price remix The Hidden Cameras !!

To whom does a super gay band turn to commission a super gay remix? None other than Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears and mega-producer Stuart Price, apparently. Whilst staying in The Hidden Cameras frontman Joel Gibb’s Berlin apartment a while back, the two pop superstars found some time to turn sunny single “In The NA” into a pumped-up dance floor work out with pitch-shifted vocals that kinda sound like what would’ve happened if Kool Thing turned to Kim Gordon and said “F*ck my face” right before he snorted a line of meth out of Thurston Moore’s buttcrack.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “In the NA” (Crystal Pepsi Remix) by The Hidden Cameras
Oh and for all the retro-commercial fans in the house, it’s called the “Crystal Pepsi Remix”. Remember that ass-tasting “clear alternative” to regular Pepsi? No? Crank up your volume and remind yourself after the jump.
Remaining Hidden Cameras 2009 tour dates:
Dec 2 – Minneapolis @ 7th Street Entry
Dec 3 – Chicago @ Empty Bottle
Dec 5 – Toronto @ The Opera House (co-presented by omgblog.com!)
Dec 12 – Glasgow, Scotland

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